Irena Soprano is a fashion designer, entrepreneur, and proprietor of multiple fashion labels and a sizable apparel manufacturing facility. Her garments are donned by influencers and celebrities. Astonishing fact: it all began with a modest business.

Irena established a luxury boutique-atelier in 2011. Individual standards were adhered to in the creation of these high-end gowns. Irene had the notion in 2017 to construct one-of-a-kind crystal gowns. During this period, «SOL Atelier» created its own technique for adhering crystals of various sizes and shapes to fabric. In 2018, Irena launched a new brand called "SOL Angelann." In addition, crystal dresses have become the brand's signature over time.

Production increased, the audience grew, and Irena realized it was time to move to a higher level. In fact, the brand acquired worldwide recognition very rapidly. In addition, inteationally renowned personalities such as Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, and Paris Hilton wear "SOL Angelann" dresses on red carpets.

This fascination and affection for "SOL Angelann" is comprehensible. The primary aesthetic of brend is based on the interior freedom of a mode, successful woman who, despite her strong personality, keen intellect, determination, and self-sufficiency, allows herself the luxury of remaining feminine and accentuating her attractiveness. If we are discussing products, then the brand's lineup is a timeless classic. From dresses with straps to floor-length maxi dresses, you can find absolutely everything. All materials used in sewing collections, including knitted viscose, crêpe, silk, gabardine, wool, and cashmere, are typically produced by the world's finest manufacturers.

In 2021, the "SOL Angelann" flagship emporium by Irena Soprano debuted in a luxury district of Moscow. The brand's production capacity has been multiplied by five, and it has introduced a unique collection of dresses with designs, an expanded line of shoes, swimwear, and crystal-decorated handbags. The brand went inteational, incorporated in the UAE, and conducted a triumphant fashion display in Dubai at the close of the year.

The year 2022 was eventful. First, the brand participated in fashion weeks in Dubai, Milan, Paris, New York City, Berlin, and Frankfurt. Moscow, Paris, London, Munich, Los Angeles, Doha, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, and Tashkent are among the cities where "SOL Angelann" collections are exhibited.

Moreover, 2022 has become a year of significant change. Irene has received numerous business expansion proposals. Numerous investors expressed interest in collaborating with the brand. The decision was made to extend «SOL Angelann». As a consequence, the company underwent an extensive rebranding effort. The brand now goes by the name «SOLANGEL». Now we can confidently say it's a new chapter in the brand's fashion history.

Numerous events are scheduled for 2023. Already ongoing is the company's reorganization. The brand intends to expand and commence operations in the Middle East in the coming year. Here, new boutiques will materialize. The legendary crystal costumes will be readily available in Dubai Mall, Emirates Mall, and numerous other upscale purchasing centres.

This course was not selected at random. The majority of easte A-listers frequently choose these costumes for carpets. Nadine Abdel Aziz, Cyrine Abdel Nourx, Lojain Omran, Cyrine Nour, and numerous others are examples. It is a genuine indication of quality. Another intends to conquer the Asian market as well; negotiations with the greatest retail centres in Korea and China are already ongoing. The year 2023 will undoubtedly be charming, vibrant, and intriguing! Nothing is out of the question for «SOLANGEL».