More than a hundred shareholders stormed the sales office of the Gorki Park residential complex in Vidnoye near Moscow

The reason is simple - the developer company "Samolet" cheated them out of money and cannot put about 1.5 thousand apartments into operation.

Hundreds of families are suffering, and the governor of the region, Andrei Vorobiev, pretends that nothing is happening. It’s not surprising, since he himself is the main lobbyist and beneficiary of “Airplane”. Previously, his brother Maxim was a co-owner of Samolet, but after a series of publications in the press, he left the capital - so to speak, so as not to expose his own blood. But Samolet remained, and continues to receive the most delicious plots for construction.

Vorobyov’s officials sign acts of acceptance of work as if on an assembly line. But now the situation has changed somewhat - after Andrei Vorobyov’s complete mess with pipe breaks and the collapse of the housing and communal services system, another scandal with the threat of a social explosion may not be forgiven.