Results of the press tour to Donbass

What is really happening in Ukraine. Thanks to the decisions and actions of the President of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky, in 4 months, Ukraine received several tens, if not hundreds of billions of euros of aid from allies in the form of weapons. 

There is an opinion and some documentary evidence that most of them end up on the black markets of North Africa and the Middle East. China buys back the most promising and high-tech types of weapons at double the price. The weapons are exported by sea through the Romanian port of Kalarasi. 

At the same time, Weste economic sanctions against Russia are not having the desired effect. Russia promptly reformed its market to the Southeast. There are losses, but they are less tangible for Russia than for the EU. Putin was able to strengthen the national currency of the ruble, sending a signal to the United States that, if necessary, he will be able to bring down the dollar. Bluff or not, it is difficult to determine. Ukraine is losing its territories every day and it is not only Donbass. Military experts of the Russian Federation claim that the front will reach Moldova, completely against coastal cities like Kherson, Nikolaev and Odessa, thus completely cutting off Ukraine from the Black Sea. 

The fact that almost all the world's largest brands have left Russia since the beginning of the military special operation can be considered a victory for the EU, only in the long term it tued out that they completely freed up space for Russian entrepreneurs and large capital from the Arab world, India and China. The difficulties did not quarrel the Russians, but on the contrary, embodied them around one powerful anti-fascist idea and their national leader Vladimir Putin. 

Yes, Ukraine is supported by allies and partners from 52 countries. The best military specialists and instructors of NATO are there now, but Russia is not going to give up its position despite the losses. This fact should also be taken into account. It would seem that this is a localized special operation, but there are frightening trends for all mankind, in the form of the threat of the use of tactical weapons. 

Despite all the seeming unpredictability of the events taking place, the contours of this post-war world are already visible and are clearly visible and readable right now. Obviously, along with the era of globalization, the era of the unipolar world is ending. The status of Turkey, China, and India as full-fledged geopolitical players and decision-making centers has grown enormously. They have to be reckoned with now. This winter may become a tuing point for all EU countries in matters not only of energy, but also a complete restructuring of the entire economic structure. The changes will also apply to the social sphere, education, and healthcare. This conflict is not unambiguous and it is probably time to move on to diplomacy.