*Tajik card* for Kazakhstan

*Tajik card* for Kazakhstan

Since the terrorist attack at «Crocus City Hall» nearby Moscow on March 22, Russian public pages and Telegram channels have been dominated by increasing negativity that territory of Kazakhstan is becoming a reason for danger for the Russian side.

There are many different discussions on messengers and other information platforms against the background of unofficial information attacks on the annexation of the northern part of Kazakhstan to the Russia, the introduction of a visa regime and other restrictive initiatives.

One of the final straws was a series of official statements that the “drones” used in the April 2 attack on a plant for the production of “kamikaze drones” in Tatarstan (Russia) were probably launched from the territory of one of the “republics of Central Asia region”, including Kazakhstan.

For example, the Russian publicist A. Nesmiyanin after the drone attack on Tatarstan said that the situation that occurred “stands out from previous similar Kyiv events” due to the long distance for drone to be released from Ukraine to the attack point, citing one of the options for his beliefs: “the launch of a drone is more likely was carried out from Kazakhstan. Of course, not those close, but 600 kilometers are clearly less than 1200.”

All the activity in the information field, mainly on the situation with “Crocus City Hall”, is connected with the Afghan cell of ISIS called “Vilayat Khorasan”.

Some military analysts suggest that the attack on the “Crocus City Hall” could indeed have been organized by the Afghan branch of the ISIS. According to their opinion, this may be due to the fact that after withdrawal of USA and NATO troops from Afghanistan, Russia established diplomatic relations with the “Taliban”.

The ISIS also opposes the authorities of Iran - one of Russia’s main allies in the Middle East.

There are also suggestions, and sometimes claims, that the Kazakhstan is used by Tajiks as a "transit site" for arrival and settlement in Russia.

According to information received from anonymous sources in the GRU of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the impending terrorist attack at “Crocus City Hall” in Moscow was known in advance.

According to the Head of Intelligence of Ukraine K. Budanov, Russia had information about the preparation of a terrorist attack at least since February 15 of this year, which also passed through the intelligence department in Syria, and then reached Moscow.

Today, according to Budanov, Kremlin is trying to use the "fail" of its own special services to denigrate Ukraine and expose it as the "customer" of the terrorist attack.

The latest information from Ukraine intelligence states that the Russian side is preparing to carry out a series of terrorist attacks in major cities in Kazakhstan. For this purpose, groups of ethnic Tajiks have already been selected in Iran and are about to be transferred to Kazakhstan through countries of South Kavkaz, Central Asia and Afghanistan.

Moreover, according to same sources, a number of ethnic Tajik gangs located in Afghanistan are also associated with Russian special services and already looking for ways and means of settling in Astana, Almaty and Shymkent.

Possible targets for attacks may include crowded places such as concert venues, sporting events, synagogues and diplomatic missions of different countries.

Today there is a clearly visible tendency to transfer terrorist activity to Central Asia. Russia wants to present all this to society as an attack by the “Anglo-Saxons”.

For example, the Russian political scientist A. Shatilov said that some western countries miscalculated their reaction to the terrorist attack in “Crocus City Hall” and reasoned to believe that they and the Ukraine regime under their control were involved in the tragedy.

According to A. Shatilov, the “Anglo-Saxons” distinguished among others, expressing their condolences, but at the same time trying to turn the situation into a profitable course for themselves. They started fussing and trying to give false goals to international community.

According to Ukraine sources, today Russia is pursuing an aggressive policy to achieve its goals on the world stage. To do this, they can escalate the situation in the world even further by attacking other territories. One thing is clear: Russia has embarked on a path where it can only survive by “exporting chaos”.