Soldo Constant Ltd has started implementing the plan announced in the Bened cryptocurrency Memorandum

On 12/19/2021, the initial issue was made in the amount of 10% of the final issue of the Bened cryptocurrency in the amount of 150 billion coins.

According to the memorandum published on the website the initial issue is divided into four parts:

1. 11 billion coins are on the wallet BENED-42ZJ-C74S-7VY3-FX5KD These coins will be put up for free sale on the exchange, according to the scheme of 10 million coins per day.

2. 3 billion coins on the BENED-SFYY-9UYS-HPYR-HK2NH wallet, these coins will be used for an advertising campaign to distribute 2 BND coins to everyone.

3. 850 million coins on the BENED-Q6WM-KUTV-MS7N-AL5LR wallet are reserved to finance the payment of grants to developers creating the Bened infrastructure 

4. SOLDO CONSTANT LTD reserves 150 million coins for the operation of the PoS consensus network before the start of the sale of licenses for the HardMinig software

You can check the transparency of the presented data using the blockchain browser by following the link